Why You Should Advertise Your Business

There are many reasons why advertising is good for your business.The main one being that it makes your business more money, and therefore, its more likely to thrive! There are also many reasons why its good for your customers too. We don’t have a lot of space here to go into all the reasons however, I will cover a few of the main ones.

Regular advertising is one of the most vital aspects of just about any business.

It is the most direct and important connection your business has to current and potential new customers. When consumers feel connected to a business through their advertisements, they are more likely to frequent that business again and again. Some business owners don’t feel its worth while investing in an advertising budget and that is a big mistake as I hope it will become evident here.

Advertising gives your company a positive image.

It tells people (and competitors) you’re open and ready for business. Regular and consistent advertising can help guide consumers to your business regardless of the economy and competition, and the key word in this sentence is ‘regular’.

Craig Ogilvie Roofing:

I’ve been advertising for over 2 years now and have had a great response from my adverts, I regularly get calls from customers who have seen me in the directory, would definitely recommend using this as a form of advertising locally. Craig Ogilvie Roofing Edinburgh

Advertising helps you build a presence. 

Many people can’t remember what they had for their evening meal the day before let alone remember a single business advert that appears once a year somewhere. What you need to do is build a presence that gradually filters through the noise of all the other adverts, such that, when a consumer has a need for your particular goods or services, your name is the one that comes to mind. Regular advertising in a directory like the Eskvalley View can do this for you.

Lothian Motors:

Lothian motors have been using the Eskvalley view for advertising for many years and will continue to do so. We have seen our business grow with a lot of new customers as a result of this. The advert itself is brilliant quality & very affordable. Keep up the good work guys!

Advertising keeps your business at the forefront of your consumer’s mind for your goods and services. 

With so many options available, consumers will often want to shop around and compare. Regular advertising where they can see you increases the chances of them choosing you.

Ryze Trampolining Park:

Ryze places ads in the Eskvalley View Magazine regularly and we are always pleased with how easy the team are to deal with and how this cost effective local magazine gives us so much exposure to the local communities.

Advertising helps to attract new customers. 

You may not think about it much but your market is always changing as people are constantly moving in and out of your area – especially with all the new housing developments currently underway. If you want to reach these newcomers you need to advertise regularly so they know you exist.

Rogers Mobile Tyres:

In the 2 years I’ve been advertising with the Eskvalley view directory I’ve noticed a great improvement in business over the Midlothian area that I cover. The staff are great to deal with and very efficient. The Eskvalley view is a good quality directory which is reasonably priced and covers a really large area. I’m very happy with my advert and the service the team provide.

Advertising helps create repeat business.

Consumers have lots of choice today but many will stay loyal to someone they like as long as they know you are still around. Don’t make it hard for them to find you! Not everyone uses the internet to look for products and services, and with this being the last year of the printed Yellow Pages, businesses need every advantage they can get to be seen.

Eskbank Services:

We have advertised our small family run business (Eskbank Services) in the Eskvalley view for over 3 years now. It was our first form of advertising and enabled us to build a strong customer base, target specific areas and build a good reputation in Midlothian. The team at Eskvalley View really helpful; especiallly when we need to change the design, layout or context of the advert. It’s 100% worth the money we pay every month as we always get lots of custom from it which in turn can be repeat custom, great value for money!

Advertising helps you compete. 

There are only so many customers to go around. Advertising helps your business stay ahead of your competition especially if they are not advertising. However, if they are advertising then you most definitely should be advertising too.

Stress Free Flooring:

We have advertised with the Eskvalley view directory for a number of years now and I find them really good to deal with. Our advert generates a good amount of business for us which is why we continue to advertise. It’s very reasonably priced for the great quality of the publication and the demographic it covers. Customers are always mentioning they have seen our advert. I also like the fact it is available to view online as well.

Local Advertising Works

Discussed above are a few of the many ways in which regular advertising will help you to grow your business. The main take away from this article is that advertising works, and local advertising works particularly well. So what are you waiting for? Go advertise your business!

Throughout this article, we’ve posted some testimonials received from businesses who advertise regularly with The Eskvalley View and it’s sister publication The East Lothian View. You only have to read through them to see how successful advertising in the directory has been for these businesses. 

Do you think your business could benefit from advertising in the directory too? If you do, go to this page on our website where you can find details on booking your own advertising space: eskvalleyview.co.uk/advertise

If you haven’t advertised before, here are the five main steps you need to take to help make advertising work for your business.

FIRST: Pick an advertising platform that will reach your prospective customers (e.g. the Eskvalley View Directory reaches over 28,000 households throughout Midlothian with every issue).

SECOND: Create a budget for your advertising (ask about discounts that are available for long term placements).

THIRD: Pick an advert size within your budget that gives you the room to say what you need to (you can always increase this later on if you need to when your sales increase).

FOURTH: Design and craft your advert headline, offers, call to action, etc. (We have an article coming soon on how to do this – don’t miss it! Meantime, we can help you with this when you book your space).

FIFTH: Call to book your advertising space, then monitor sales to test how effective your advert content is (discount offers can help track sales that come as a direct result of your advert).